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We help you to make sense of the latest changes and find the best options for you.

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What are your options if your employer makes you redundant? Closes the business? Your circumstances change? You move companies?

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Find out the best way of releasing funds from your pension and what the implications are.

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Retirement around The Corner? Or Do You Want to Know More About Your Options?

When employees leave jobs by choice, or redundancy, often their first thoughts are not in relation to the pension scheme they may have spent many years contributing to. However, these pension funds should not be under estimated. If retirement is around the corner OR a number of years away making the right choice can be tricky.

Pensions are big news

Pensions are many people’s most valuable asset, and you may not be aware how of how much its worth. Equally pensions are complicated and the choices wide and varied.

Defined Benefit Schemes

Defined Benefit pension schemes have long been viewed as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of pension schemes and rightly so. They offer significant benefits, guaranteed income for life (which is generally inflation proofed), and offer spouses pension on death. Even if people have concerns about the future of their ex employer, and feel their pension may be at risk, the vast majority are not. The government introduced the Pension Protection fund some years ago and for most people, even in the worse scenarios, there is a government backed guarantee to provide 90% of pension entitlements at the schemes normal retirement date.

Whilst this is the case, people are well served to understand what benefits they have, what the value of those benefits are, and when they will be able to access or use them in the future. Equally they need to appreciate what all the options are to plan effectively for their retirement.

Don’t Under Estimate The Value Of Your Pension!

Retirement may be around the corner or some years away. Either way the value of pensions should not be under estimated.
Times are changing and the new pension rules introduced in April 2015, have opened up pensions in a way never seen before. People’s attitudes and needs have also changed. What was good in the past may not always hold true now, or indeed, in the future.

Accessing Your Pension Funds

Everyone is an individual and no two people have the exact same needs. Pension choices now, may just offer some people a benefit they did not know was available. Clearly people cannot access their pension prior to age 55, but for those over 55, they should review all the options open to them even if they are subsequently discounted. At least they will have looked at the options and made an informed decision. Once a decision to take benefits from an employer scheme is made it is generally not possible to change it.

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