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Lowest Annuity Rates Ever…

Annuity Rates are currently at their lowest ever. So it is important to maximise your annuity by using every piece of information available and go to every provider to get the best possible deal for you!
You may want to even consider other options. As fully FCA regulated advisers we can explain these to you as well!  We believe it is really important to get a clear picture! Thats why we provide our detailed quotation service!

Why don’t we display rates or give an online quotation?

Your pension fund is probably one of the most valuable assets you have! In our opinion, it is wrong to give rates that are misleading and not based on real circumstances and situations. We will get you the best rates by having all the facts! Every quotation is tailored exactly to your needs and to the current market circumstances!
Therefore, why not get a quotation today…after all, our quotation is free and it is without obligation!

Advised Annuity v Non Advised

BEWARE! Many annuity comparison sites are non-advised.
This means you have to decide exactly which type of annuity you want, and you have no come back if it later turns out to not be in your best interest. This includes you having to navigate all the options such as guaranteed periods, spouse’s pensions and whether or not you want your capital protected. You will also have to decide whether or not want to include increases in payment, fixed term or lifetime income. Finally you may wish to purchase an annuity with an investment element that may provide higher income, but comes with additional risks.

Our service is an advised service where we talk through your circumstances and the options open to you. We will then get you the best annuity rate and most suitable pension annuity facility for you. We will then make a formal recommendation for which we are held accountable. This means you are passing on the risk of making the wrong decision to us, and you can seek redress if the advice is later found to be inappropriate.

Does taking Qualified advice cost more?

No! Non advised annuity sites are paid commission so the service is not free and affects the annuity rate you are offered.  Our fee is generally lower than these commissions and by taking advice you can be sure you are getting the best possible solution.

What other options do you have?

Did you know there is a range of choices that may or may not suit your requirements. But the most important thing is that you get the choice and the right advice! Currently once you buy an annuity that’s it! You cannot change it or cash it in!*  

We can provide you with different options that are often more flexible.

We are not just  annuity advisers but we are pension specialists who provide advice and help on finding the best pension options for you! We provide a comprehensive service that will leave you much better off!

*(This may change in April 2017 but equally changing an annuity is unlikely to be good value)

Have you Ever thought…Is An Annuity The Right Choice For You?

Our leading pension experts will provide you with a choice of what you can do with your pension fund. Giving you  guaranteed advice thats right for your circumstances.

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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We are not just an annuity company! We offer you a range of solutions tailored to your circumstances.

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service


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Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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