Have you received a letter from Britannia Building Society Pension Scheme?…

The letter Warns you of the following…

“As a member of the scheme, you may have taken note of the Co-operative Bank’s recent stock market announcements and associated news. The bank sponsors the Britannia Building Society pension scheme and the bank has announced that it expects to fall short of its capital ratio targets set by the regulators…”

Do you know your Options?

Understanding  your pension options is vital in making the right decision. 

New legislation that may impact your pension?

New pension legislation, introduced in March 2014, has opened up options that were previously not available.
In times gone by, defined benefits pensions schemes were regarded as ‘Gold Plated’. They provided generous guaranteed benefits and a secure income for life. As such, a defined benefit pensions were regarded as ‘the best you could possibly get’.As an independent qualified pension advisors we would like you to consider all your options.

Your pension asset could be worth much more than you think…

Currently, due to current market conditions AND new legislation the value of your defined benefit pension could be much higher, especially for employees (and ex employees) with long service. These current conditions won’t last forever so it is important that you find out your options as soon as possible.

Can you trust the company advising you?

Companies advising you on your pension must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA) and individuals within the firm hold the relevant pension qualifications.

More importantly the company must hold the specialist FCA permissions to be able to advise on your type  of scheme. Finally you would expect that they have the knowledge and experience to work with you in a fair and honest way.

Capped Fee Guarantee

If you choose to act on our advice and the options we give to you. Our fees are capped. This means that if your pension is worth more than £250k our fee remains the same no matter how valuable your pension is!  We  provide you with a written proposal detailing our fee, together with our recommendations. But nothing is charged for until you instruct us to proceed. We are happy to explain all our fees and charges giving you every confidence that the service we provide will be totally transparent.

About Pensions Advice UK

Pensions Advice - How to release money from your pensions

Pension Advice UK are pension specialists. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the advice they need to make the right choices.

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

Capped Fee Guarantee !

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

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Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

Professional Help to make the right choices!

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service

Qualified Independent Advice


Many of the site web sites advertising on the internet are LEAD GENERATION web sites. You can tell this by looking at the information at the bottom of the web site. Their aim is to get your details so that they can sell them on to an adviser. Pensions Advice UK is not one of them. We are an firm of independent qualified financial advisers. Your details will NOT be sold on and will be dealt with confidentially in-house by our own FCA qualified independent Pensions Specialist.

Defined Benefit Advice Service

It is free to enquire and we will provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decisions and choices with your pension.
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FCA Registered Company

Pensions Advice UK is a part of BurfieldFP and we are qualified and FCA registered pension advice specialists.

Guaranteed Advice

As qualified Pensions Advice Specialist our service is guaranteed. We are also qualified to give advice on all aspects of your pension arrangements. So please feel free to call and discuss your pension arrangements.

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