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Many of the site web sites advertising on the internet are LEAD GENERATION web sites. You can tell this by looking at the information at the bottom of the web site. Their aim is to get your details so that they can sell them on to an adviser. Pensions advice uk is not one of them. We are an firm of independent qualified financial advisers. Your details will NOT be sold on and will be dealt with confidentially in-house by our own FCA qualified independent Pensions Specialist.

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Once the money is released to you, you can use it for any purpose…many of our clients who have used this service have used the money to pay of credit card debts, loans, or mortgages, for a wedding, or a holiday of a lifetime, home improvements, a new car, a boat or even to buy a new property! Its your money to use as you want! So why not find out today how to get cash from your pension fund.

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Pension Release Advice Prudential, Standard Life, AVIVA, Legal and General, Partnership, Canada Life, And Many More

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Pensions Advice Uk is a part of BurfieldFP and we are qualified and FCA registered pension advice specialists.

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As qualified Pensions Advice Specialist our service is guaranteed. We are also qualified to give advice on all aspects of your pension arrangements. So please feel free to call and discuss your pension arrangements.

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