55 or Over? We Can Help!

Pension less than £10,000

You may be able to release all of it.

Uncrystallised Pension?

Find out how the latest pension changes benefit/impact you. Request a call back and we will provide you help and advice in realising your Uncrystallised Pension Fund.

How to take money out of your pension

We explain the easiest and most efficient way of doing this.

Pension release service

Recent changes to the pension rules mean that you are able (if you qualify) to get a lump sum from your pension fund. Even if your not retired you maybe still entitled to release money from your pension fund.

Find Out How Much You Can Take

You get 25% of your pension fund TAX FREE, however, we are able to release more of the fund if required, though you may have to pay tax on this amount.

Find A Lost Pension!

Free Pension Tracing Service

Tax implications and help

Find out how much tax you will have to pay (if any) and what tax options are available to you.

Inheritance Planning

We provide specialist advice on pension issues to do with inheritance tax.

What Can I Use The Money For?

Once the money is released to you, you can use it for any purpose…many of our clients who have used this service have used the money for a childs wedding, a holiday of a lifetime, home improvements, a new car, a boat or even to buy a new property!

How Do I Release Money From My Pension Fund?

This is where we come in! We are able to carry out all the paperwork for you, provide you with professional advice, so that you fully understand the implications of releasing money from your pension fund. IF you are unsure or confused please do not hesitate to contact us we are here to help!

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Pensions Advice Uk is a part of BurfieldFP and we are qualified and FCA registered pension advice specialists.

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As qualified Pensions Advice Specialist our service is guaranteed. We are also qualified to give advice on all aspects of your pension arrangements. So please feel free to call and discuss your pension arrangements.

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