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Telephone Pension Advice Uk ON 0800 103 2500

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FCA Registered Company

Pensions Advice Uk is a part of BurfieldFP and we are qualified and FCA registered pension advice specialists.

Guaranteed Advice

As qualified Pensions Advice Specialist our service is guaranteed. We are also qualified to give advice on all aspects of your pension arrangements. So please feel free to call and discuss your pension arrangements.

We Help You With….

Defined Benefit Transfer

We can help you!Find out the Facts and get Qualified expert advice.

Pension Transfer

We provide specially qualified, guaranteed advice and guidance.

Pension lump sum changes 2015

Find out how the 2015 pension changes benefit/impact you.Download our free Retirement Guide (Click)

Pension release service

Recent changes to the pension rules mean that you are able (if you qualify) to get a lump sum from your pension fund. Even if your not retired you maybe still entitled to release money from your pension fund.

Find Out How Much You Can Take

You get 25% of your pension fund TAX FREE, however, we are able to release more of the fund if required, though you may have to pay tax on this amount.

Find A Lost Pension!

Free Pension Tracing Service

Tax implications and help

Find out how much tax you will have to pay (if any) and what tax options are available to you.

Inheritance Planning

We provide specialist advice on pension issues to do with inheritance tax.

Retirement and Pension Annuity Advice - Specialist Pensions Advice Uk Service


Many web sites that you will see as you seek advice and help on the internet represent companies that ARE either not qualified to give advice OR are simply lead generation web sites who will sell your details to the highest bidders! We recommend that you fully check out the credentials of ANY business you choose to engage with (including us). Burfield ( are Fully qualified FCA regulated company who adhere to the rules and guidelines as laid down by the Uk government! You can see our FCA credentials by going to the FCA Web site (Click)

FACT : You Need to Get Advice

Your pension is a valuable asset, we would always recommend that you seek professional advice whatever the value when you are looking to make changes or remove funds.
However,with Legislation changes implemented in June 2015, the FCA introduced new rules that anyone who is seeking to transfer a pension fund of greater than £30,000 and the pension has any form or guarantee, they MUST take advice from a FCA regulated adviser with the required persmissions to advise in this area. This covers not only defined benfits pensions, but personal plans as well including Section 32 plans which has a guaranteed minimum pension or personal pensions with any guaranteed fund values or guaranteed annuity rates.
Burfield ( are FCA Regulated advisors and are specialists in the area of pensions to provide you with advice and help in all matters to do with your pension transfer requirements.
We are qualified to provide extensive advice in pension transfers, pension release, tax, inheritance planning and many other subjects to do with your pension and financial investments.

Pension Transfer Advice – From

Looking to transfer your pension? We provide independent advice on the options that are available to you. Our Qualified advisors will provide you will all your options and cover areas that you may not be aware of. So why not call or apply online today, we would love to hear from you.

Do We Charge For This Service?

We will not charge a fee for initial information gathering and initial assessment. So please feel free to enquire or phone us.

When We Charge You…

IF a charge is necessary WE WILL ALWAYS inform you and give you the choice!
We will not be carry out any work that is charged for without your prior permission and agreement.

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