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Does Pensions Advice UK Provide the advice?

We have spent many years sourcing and finding the best and most experienced advisors in the UK for you. Pensions Advice UK, will, based on your requirements couple you with a  financial advisor who is an expert who is qualified and authorised to provide pension investment advice.

Qualified FCA Financial Advice

All our advisors are certified by the FCA.
That means you are protected and assured of getting qualified advice. When you speak to your advisor you can confirm their credentials  on the FCA web site.

Find  Real Expert and Experience…

To find an experienced and qualified expert advisor is often difficult. Many advisors provide an overview of advice but are not qualified to provide specific advice in particular areas…
Pensions Advice Uk helps you to find an expert who are:

  1. Qualified authorised and experienced
  2. Specialist Pension Advisors
  3. High net worth specialists
  4. Proven reputation for providing high quality advice
  5. Adheres to the strict FCA code of conduct
  6. Provides a clear and simple to understand advice.
  7. Has access to all the pension market place.
  8. Is accessible and provides regular reports and updates
  9. Is Pro-active in working with their clients.
Get Professional IFA Advice about your Retirement Options and Annuity Guidance

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How Much Does Financial Advice Cost?

When you utilise Pensions Advice Uk the initial Financial advice  initial consultation is always FREE!

The financial advisor charge an initial fee, which is taken from your overall pension pot, and then an ongoing fee  to provide annual advice and reports to you. Financial advisors rarely charge an upfront fee and do not charge a separate amount for their services the money is taken from the fund itself.

Do I have to have professional financial advice?

The simple answer is no, but in certain circumstances (see below) it is legally required and  it is always strongly recommend that you always get professional advice by an authorised and regulated financial advisor.
Pensions Advice UK  always recommend getting professional advice.

You must (By Law) get regulated financial advice, if you have:

  • Final salary or known as a ‘defined benefit’ pension worth more than £30,000 and you are thinking of  transferring it to a defined contribution pension scheme.
  • A defined contribution pension worth more than £30,000, and you want to give it up to do something else with your pension savings. A pension like with a guarantee on how much you will  be paid when you retire  is called  a guaranteed annuity rate.

How do I know how much it will cost?

Legally, financial advisors are obliged to provide a written proposal, which details their initial fee and then what their ongoing fee’s are.